I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Okinawa and I am extremely proud of that!  I am equally proud that America has been my home, sweet home for more than half of my life.    It is here where I married my best friend, Ben and where I have been a proud mother of  two healthy boys.  

Life changed for me when I  was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008.   While receiving  long intensive treatments and laying down in the hospital bed, meditation became my release, a place where my mind could be  free from disease and worries, a place where I could connect with the love of the Divine.  During this experience, I devoted my life to be an instrument of peace, to extending this love that I had received.  Today, the Universe continues to bless me.  I am free from cancer, and I continue to watch my boys grow into young men.  

We don't know why or how setback happens, but we do know that the Universe  is always there to support us and help us grow.  This is truly, amazing grace!  

God bless you to all and thank you for getting to know me,